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A finial structure of personal  independently and freely spirit.


Tibetan tent GA WU



ZOGE  traditions handworks with splice-float thread double sewn in injections strength-resist point and skeleton-line make our Tibetan tents stronger and longer lasting



area--3.9 to 4.23sq.m

  • Max-indoor length--2.26m

  • width--1.75m

  • wall--hight1.66

  • Top to wall-- custom order

  • for more detail and our tent photo please contact us

tents-type and materials



  Top quality canvas 12oz (353gm) per square meter, rot/water-proof & flame-retardant


also with pure cotton and  natural  canvas the selection from our practical experience



  1. ZOGE applique in black and blue canvas-only


  1. center-crossbeam 1

  2. double T structure

  3. center-pole-2

  4. Mini-stakes-9-11

standard  required


  ZOGE traditional Tibetan auspicious symbol

manufacture und shipping time

  client Custom-size manufacture time  7-9 Tag

 generally shipping-time Maximum 30 Tag

special Custom-size order


also in minimal and middle Custom-size


ZOGE encourages you to build your own body-poles to save you money We supply every tent with plans map to build appropriate poles and measured dimensions. to keep best out looking, our tradition style decorate woodcarving crossbeam-poles and woodcarving-standing poles is recommend (only top of decorate woodcarving without body)

ZOGE Tibetan tents are allows you to customize your living or campaign area to fit your needs, for example zipper connective on sidewall for more mobile place. doors are usually located in the center of the long side of our Tibetan tents. we may add as many doors in any location you wish.

As a part of living skill to make tents in top land condition ZOGE is using our Own standard to estimate the resisting capability of tents out-door condition .

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